Holding my baby girl

Sunday, July 10, 2011

6 months in a nutshell. A very lengthy nutshell.


My goodness, it's been A WHILE since I've blogged. I haven't exactly had a lot of free time tho, so please don't hate me.

As of right now, my 6 month old... YES... 6 MONTH OLD, and my husband are taking naps. Kyli has the remnents of a cold still, and Billy is taking a nap break while he's on call at work.

It's quiet in my house. I have nothing to do. (<--- this statement is not entirely true. I could do the dishes, clean the bathroom, etc. none of those are things that I WANT to do.)

So I decided to blog. Blogging is kind of a "me" thing anyway. It lets me get out things, and be creative. I really enjoy writing... I never really thought I'd say that, but it kind of puts me at ease. It's sometimes exhausting, sometimes relaxing, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating. However, it is ALWAYS freeing. I always seem to get lost in it. Anway, moving on...

So 6 months... How did this happen so quickly?? 6 months ago, I had a precious little TINY tiny baby that slept all the time, ate all the time, and was held all the time. Only 1 of those things is true now. Can you guess which one it is??

Yep. The last one :) Obviously, she is not deprived of the sleeping and eating factor one bit, but my girl does like to be held. And I'm fairly certain she is held all day with Granna... I DON'T KNOW... but i'm fairly certain ;) And with the lack of me seeing her during the week, I pretty much hold her, ummm, A LOT when we are at home. She might be really a wee bit spoiled...

Anyway, so what has she accomplished in her 6 months of life so far? SO MUCH! She smiles a lot now, such a happy girl. She likes to giggle. She rolls over like a champ. And she has finally figured out how to stay sitting up when you put her that way.

We're still working on the eating thing. She gets her oatmeal at night whenever we get home, and she likes to play with her food already! We'll be moving on to other foods shortly. I've decided I want to try to make her own baby food. I hope this is beneficial and enjoyable. I suspect it will be, but I will keep you posted.

 My smiley girl :)

 Rollin over all over tha place!

First time trying cereal... RICE cereal. Fail. She hated it. (p.s. look at my prissy pinky stickin' up as I feed her, pshhhh)

 Oh, and she learned how to suck on her feet. It's cute now, cause it's not like she walks anywhere yet.

So about this work thing... Billy and I had been taking about the possible opportunity for me to quit my job. One weekend, a few weeks back, we made the decision that yes; I will be able to stay at home!

After discussing this with my managers, they were happy with me, but sad to see me go. The next day, however, they offered me the opportunity to work 3 days from home! I jumped on it! Sure, it would be awesome to keep my paycheck, AND be with my baby girl all at the same time. She's pretty low key (even tho she likes to be held), and I don't see it being a problem with me being at home with her. Not to mention, it will save tons of money on gas. Which, by the way, I drive over 120 miles round trip a day right now... INSANE. That's 600 miles a week. Roughly 15k miles a YEAR... thats roughly RIDICULOUS.

Anyway, so I'm just waiting on my laptop at work to be sent to me, and then I'm home! 

I was going to go to school fulltime whenever I quit, but I've decided to just take a few classes since I will still be working. I've also decided to get my degree in English, get my teaching certification, and minor in photojournalism. Lots of opportunities. 

So I took 6 month old pics of Miss Priss yesterday at the park, and I will leave you with that. We didn't get a ton of great shots, BUT that is because she's still fighting a summer cold. However, she is a trooper. When the camera is on her, she knows it, and she works it! Just like the true beauty that she is :)

Until next time...

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