Holding my baby girl

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farewell baby bump...

With today being the last day of being pregnant, I felt the need to break it down and point out some things that I have loved, and some things that I have hated about being pregnant.

1) All the pregnancy websites and apps on my phone. It was so fun to see "what's happening today, or this month, or this week" in the pregnancy.
2) The "cute part" of pregnancy. When you first start showing and you don't feel like a heifer.
3) You've got an extra excuse to take a nap and be a little bit more lazy. I didn't take advantage of this near as much as I should have.
4) The sonograms.
5) Feeling the baby move around. Most fun and amazing feeling, and the biggest part of the pregnancy that I will miss.

1) Stretch marks... unless, of course, you're one of those genetic freaks that don't get any.
2) The weight gain. After trying to lose weight for a couple years, it's hard to see the scale move back up.
3) Not working out as vigorously as you would like to.
4) Feeling like there are things you can't do because you are pregnant.
5) The unpleasant comments that idiots make to you. I have a whole other post that I could, and possibly will, write about that one.

This last day of pregnancy is a bit bittersweet for me. It makes me sad that tonight will be the last time we say "Kyli's Prayer" over my stomach. It makes me sad that I won't be feeling her move around in my stomach anymore. It makes me sad that this bond that ONLY I have had with her for the past 40 weeks is about to end, and I have to share her with everyone else... haha.

HOWEVER, we will simply have to come up with a new prayer to say over our sweet precious girl, and we'll get to hold her as we say it.

Sure, I won't be able to feel her move around in my stomach anymore... But I will get to hold her and watch her move around in plain sight, and get to feel her hug me back whenever I hug her. I'll get to feel her sweet hands on my face, and hear her breathe when she sleeps.

And yes, I will now have to share her... haha. But it's gonna be amazing watching her interact with the rest of her family. I will always be her mommy, and I know that at the end of the day, all babies want their mommies over ever one else, right?? RIGHT??? :)

Less than 24 hrs, and I will be in labor. I can't believe this journey is coming to an end. But I am SO EXCITED to be able to start this new one. The next post I write, I will be posting about labor, and there will be pictures of our little girl. This absolutely blows my mind.

Onto the next chapter...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello Maternity Leave... tick tock...

So today is my first day of maternity leave. Billy and I went to the doctor on Monday, and he said "I've got nothin but good news for you!"

My ears, who had their little hearts broken the previous Monday by hearing "NO change at all", heard "I've got NO good news for you!"

Let me tell you, I almost leaped off the table. But then the doctor said "NO, I've got nothing BUT good news for you!" Isn't it crazy what our ears and minds hear sometime? Anyway... moving on.

So as I'm laying on the table, and listening to the most precious song in the world... (Kyli's heartbeat), he said "So, you want to meet her this week??" Ummm.. YAH!!!!!

The good news? I'm dilated to a 2, and we asked if we could scheduled to be induced on Friday, and he said "Absolutely, lets do it!" She will only be 1 day early, and absolutely PERFECT!

Billy and I could not feel more blessed. We have never had a scare or anything with this pregnancy, and I've really had an easy one. Minimal sickness in the 1st trimester, still running strong in the 3rd trimester. All of her sonograms have been perfect, never showed any signs of something wrong. She's been the biggest little kicker, and I've never had to worry about her. We've got such a supportive family, and two amazing kiddos at home already. Where is there room to complain? There ISN'T.

So what does an expectant woman do on her first day of maternity leave? Well, you wake up at 9am, eat a cinnamon raisin english muffin with peanut butter on it, make some coffee, and start a long day of lounging on the couch watching tv. 1st show to watch? The tail-end of Regis and Kelly... haha. Can I tell you that I'm sorta excited about watching daytime tv?? It's like a whole notha world :)

And now, I'm watchin some MTV "True Life, I'm Having Twins" show. Whoa... that's a thought huh? And this lady just ate a piece of chalk... like what you write on the blackboard with.... because she was CRAVING some. Umm, disgusting. Thank GOD I never had weird cravings like that.

One last thing before I close this boring blog... I had a dream about my little one last night. I had a dream that she was just born, and I was loving and kissing on her, and she came out already knowing how to pucker those lips. She must know that I'm gonna be kissing her like crazy, haha. She had lots of dark hair, and beautiful little lips, and chubby cheeks. Less than 48 hrs, and I'll be in labor.

Mommyhood, I'm comin for ya!