Holding my baby girl

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Baby you are not...

Well little girl... let me tell you a story of what you did about 10 days ago.

So your daddy and I were saying our prayer to you over my stomach, as we do every night, and when we were done, your daddy started talking to you.

My stomach was rock hard all night long, and whenever we went to bed, your daddy was talking about how my stomach had gotten softer. Whenever he started talking to you, he said "Now Kyli, we get to see you in 23 days... and then 22... and then 21.... then 20... "etc. Whenever he got to 13 days, you went CRAZY! BOOM BOOM BOOM!! Knockin him in the head...

So I said "THAT'S IT! That is when we will see her!"

We counted backwards on the calender, and 13 days from your due date is what day...? Christmas!!!

I was so excited. I had told you all along that if you would be my little Christmas present, then I would make every birthday JUST AS SPECIAL, as if it weren't on Christmas day. I know that people with Christmas bdays aren't that happy about them, but I promised you that I would make it just as equally awesome. I mean, who better to share your birthday with than the good Jesus Christ from above?.. Know what I'm sayin??

But alas... Christmas has come and gone. It was yesterday, and I'm pretty sure you didn't come then, so I guess we'll just have to continue to play the waiting game for you.

I do not mind though, because as soon as you make your presence known, then all the waiting will be over and I'll just get to hold you and kiss you and love on you like I want to.

1 week and 6 days left. Wait... isn't that 13 days? Hmmm... oops.

Anyway, Merry Christmas one day late everyone!

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