Holding my baby girl

Friday, October 8, 2010

6 months baby!!!

Look at that bump just a growin!

Well month 6, you're here. And tonight marks my last night of being in my 2nd trimester.

So, #3, are you gonna be as mean to me as everyone else says you are? Are you gonna drag on, or go by super fast? My bets are on the "going slow" part. The only reason I believe this, however, is because I can not wait to see my little bundle of joy that likes to do cartwheels in her mommy's tummy :)

Today, Billy's parents drove up in order to see the 4d sonogram that we are having tomorrow. We are so happy that we get to share this experience with them, and my parents as well! And some of her Aunt's and Uncle will be there tomorrow as well. She's already got a little fan club :)

I'm sorta nervous about this sonogram, and for 2 reasons:

1) It's almost like we're MEETING her in a way... I know that sounds weird, and she's got lots more growing to do, but we get a glimpse at the features that she is starting to gain along this little growing journey she's on. Will she have daddy's nose? Or will she have mommy's cheeks? All I know for sure, is that she is going to be absolutely beautiful :)

2) It's kind of like we're "cheating" in a way. Billy isn't the biggest fan of these 4d sonograms, and I sorta understand why now. He feels that it's like "opening a Christmas present before Christmas even gets here". (And ironic as it is, I could quite possibly have her around Christmas.... I will be 38 weeks on Christmas eve... CAN'T WAIT!") Anyway, I'm nervous that this will ruin the "surprise" of what she will look like or something. I know that sounds strange (just like #1 did), but it's just a feeling that I have.

We will actually get one more 4d sonogram before she is here... I'm not sure when we will go in again, but it will be a free one. So I feel like we will NEED to use it ;)

All I know, is that I can't wait to see her. Even being nervous, and feeling like we're cheating a little, I just can't wait to actually get to look at that screen and see my precious little baby. I think about it now, and I start getting teary eyed.

I just love her so much! I will post some pictures of what she looks like later on this weekend ;) 

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