Holding my baby girl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Look out world... We've got a cute one comin!

Our sweet little girl at 27 weeks

Oh little Miss Kyli, seeing you yesterday has made your little mommy more excited than ever!!!

We went to the 4d sonogram place yesterday, and left with some pictures, a dvd, a cd of over 200 pictures, and a ton of smiles on our faces.

I may be prejudice, but our daughter is absolutely PERFECT.

She has her daddy and sisters nose, for sure. And she's got the cutest little cheeks that are just ready to be kissed.

She's gonna have a head full of hair as well. The ultra sound technician said that she has never seen hair on a baby that was 27 weeks along, and then stops and says "Huh.... that looks like hair right there!"

She also said that she's got quite the personality. She's a little mover too... kept playing with her feet and legs and rolling around like a little acrobat.

That head and hair is ready for some bows and headbands and cute little hats!

We heard her heartbeat, and it was 158 beats per minutes. Perfect.

She weighs approximately 1.93 lbs right now. Little bitty sweet angel. 

Tomorrow, we are going to the doctor to have another sonogram by the doctor, and I will get the gestational diabetes test done as well. Hope that juice isn't disgusting!

But even if it is, it won't matter. I want Kyli to be as healthy as can be, so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that possible. BRING ON THE NASTY JUICE! :)

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