Holding my baby girl

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I now introduce, the new Rolling Stones poster child...


So the other night at our final 4d sonogram, little miss Kyli was not a happy camper. Mommy hadn't eaten dinner yet, and baby was NOT ok with it. We got lots of frowny faces, and she would not stop sucking on her fingers and toes and licking her arms... haha. Take a look at that picture... she was desperate and ready to eat anything that came her way. Since our last sonogram, she's gotten a little chubbier, and has lots of hair already. We go to the doctor on Monday and find out how much she weighs and kind of get to guesstimate how much she could end up weighing when she is born. I'm nervous, excited, and ANXIOUS!

I'm sitting here, watching "Baby Story" on TLC, and I have to admit... this show USED to freak me out, but now it just makes me really really excited. I can't wait for the whole experience. I used to think to myself  "I'm just scared... this is going to hurt, I've never even stayed the night in a hospital or broken a bone or ANYTHING."

I've now transitioned to "I just simply can't wait. I want to meet her and kiss her and hold her SO BAD!!" The thought of the pain doesn't freak me out that much anymore. It's a pretty cool feeling.

I've gotten a lot more sore throughout the week, and I know my body is just preparing itself for whats about to happen. 8 weeks and counting... wow.

I mean, look at that sweet little face... who wouldn't be excited to kiss that???

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