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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Day(s) the World Found Out

I last left off where we told the kiddos about their new brother or sister being on the way... Now, to tell the rest of the family!

I had called up my family and asked them to go over to my brother's house on Tuesday evening, because I wanted everyone to "see the wedding pictures for the first time along with us". My sister in law, Kortney, took the pictures, and she had them ready to view anyway.

Well, before Billy and the Kids and I loaded up and headed down to my brother's house, Billy made a shirt for me that says "Baby" with an arrow pointing down towards my tummy. The plan was for me to change into the shirt after we had actually viewed the pictures at their house. Kinda slick, huh?

So after arriving at their house, I suddenly became nervous. "What if they aren't excited about this? What if they think it's too soon?"

That thought literally lasted about a second, and then I realized "This is my family here! They are going to be thrilled no matter what! It's a fresh, brand new, exciting, loveable baby!"

Everyone was there. My mom, dad, grandma, sisters, brother and sis in law... etc. This was pretty great timing.

So we viewed the pictures together. Kortney did a great job! But I all of sudden had to go "pee"...

This was it! This was the great costume change... I was sooooo nervous and excited all at the same time!!

As soon as I walked down the hall, my sister in law Kortney picked up on it first... "Oh my gosh, are you serious???"

Dad comes up to me, looks me square in the eye, and says "Are you serious? You'd better not be joking. This isn't a joke, right???"

"No dad... this is not a joke."

And love and laughter and excitement filled the house! Hug.. after hug... after hug...

"Well that was fast!" my grandma says... She doesn't skip a beat :) Love you Grandma.


Billy, the kids, and I headed down to Goldthwaite the next day. Same excuse. "We want to view the wedding pictures with you guys".

Same costume... Gray shirt with "Baby" and an arrow pointing to my still somewhat flat tummy.

We show up to his parent’s house. We invited his sisters to come over, but one was out of town, so just Jana and some of her kiddos were able to come over.

We view the pictures. I again, ehemmm, "need to pee". Costume change it is!

I walk out the bathroom and into the room, and again... lots of hugs and congratulations, and love and laughter. Man, babies are kind of exciting huh?? :)

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