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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month 4 and GENDER CHECK!

Bump is a GROWIN!

Ok, so this month, we get to find out what the baby is!!!!!!

We had our regular doctors appointment on this Monday morning, and we were of course excited! We were supposed to have our "Gender sonogram" that Thursday at a 4d sonogram place, and we ended up having a conflict with one of the kids being able to go. So we called the place, and sure enough... WE GOT IN EARLY!!! I was 2 hours away from getting to see what my little bundle of joy was going to be!

I was emotional, nervous, excited, and scared. What if something was wrong? What if we weren't going to be able to tell what he/she was? I can't wait any longer!

We get to the place with both Chelsi and Greg and one of Chelsi's friends, and we waltzed back to the room immediately.

I LOVE getting sonograms. I think being an ultra sound technician would be so incredibly rewarding!

Kids are excited!! Chelsi video taped the whole thing I think :)


Come on Baby Karnes... show us your stuff!!










I was going in, sorta hoping it was a boy, and when the ultra sound technician told us who we were having, I started bawling like a baby!!! (pun intended).

"Were you not wanting a girl??" is the first thing the technician said... Was I crying because I was sad?? HECK NO!! As soon as she said "I'm 99% positive that this is a girl", all my "sorta wanting a boy" feelings went bye-bye. I was just so overjoyed to know WHO I was having, and I just automatically felt even closer to our sweet little baby girl.

I could not be more excited!!! My precious little girl... I mean, seriously... girls are SO MUCH FUN!!!!

So what's the first thing you do when you find out what you're having? YOU GO TO BABIES 'R' US! DUH!!!! We bought tons of onesies, outfits, etc... It was so much fun! 

So everyone was coming over the next night, and I couldn't be more excited. We nixed the "ribbon/scavenger hunt" thing, and Billy put together this amazing video with the pictures of the sonogram and the baby, and showing all her lady parts on it. It was amazing. The family came over, and to MY surprise, EVERYONE thought it was a girl! haha... I had no idea.

It was an awesome day. We finally found out who our little baby was, and we could not have been more excited!!!


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