Holding my baby girl

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month 5... feelin good :)

Date night with the hubs :) Sportin the heels...Gotta keep it fresh.

So, 5 months now.... still truckin a long. I'm feelin great actually! Little girl is a KICKIN FOOL!!!

My husband and I wanted to celebrate my birthday by taking a nice date night, and end up at the first hotel we ever stayed at together. We got all gussied up, and had reservations at a restaurant in Dallas called Texas de Brazil.


Talking about an "all you can eat" kind of place. It was so much food. Literally, it was hard to breathe after we were done with our meal. Kyli was happy I think. Or smooshed from all the surrounding food bits.

We went to the hotel, and just laid on the bed and talked and held eachother. We talked about everything we had been through, how we first started dating (my favorite topic of conversation!), and just took a stroll down memory lane. It was a much needed and amazing night. I will never forget it!


The next morning, we went to Home Depot and picked out the color of the baby's room.

"Pink Ballet Slipper". How cute is that???
OMG, how adorable are those shoes?!??!

I just got REALLY REALLY exited.... as if I'm not excited already, geez!

We finally got around to painting the room. Guess what was on her walls before we painted them that wonderful shade of pink? Dark gray paint, and a painting of Buzz Lightyear... sooooo not girl-friendly.

We've got one more coat of paint to put on the walls, and then its done! Thats the hardest and most tedious part I do believe. And then next month, we're buying her furniture! IT'S COMING TOGETHER!

I ordered a devotional book off amazon.com called "Preparing my heart for motherhood". As soon as her room is put together, I will be starting this devotional, and I'll spend that time alone in her room, and, well... preparing my heart for motherhood. I think that will be such an inspirational and exciting time. I'm really looking forward to it! The baby shower is set for November 6th, and we're having it at our house... so I KNOW we will have it all set up before then.

Almost to month 6 now. I can't believe how fast this is going!

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