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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Post: A little bit of background....

So the Adventures of Motherhood, huh? Soo... why are there a chick and a dude on their wedding day on the first post???

Well.... to be quite honest, it was the best day of my life. I married the man I am head over heels for (and have been for almost 3 yrs at this point)... My better half, my best friend, my world. I married into a wonderful family, and I gained 2 great "bonus kids" (we don't use "step" around these parts).

Yes, it was a perfect day. It was the best day of my life... SO FAR.

The next day got a little bit better.

Let’s push back a couple weeks. Billy (the husband) went on a camping trip by himself, followed up with a camping trip with some more boys for his bachelor party. All in all, he was gone for 4 days, and I missed him like crazy. I hate being away from the guy! True story.

When he returned, we decided "what tha heck".... let’s go ahead and start trying....trying to have a baby. Yep.  We're getting married in a couple weeks, and he was on some medicine that could potentially prolong our chances of getting pregnant, so we thought "what’s the harm??"

Fast FORWARD again to our wedding day. Now go one more day forward. The day AFTER our wedding day. We spent a "mini-moon" (aka: a short honeymoon) in the exotic lands of Austin, TX, and we just wanted to take it easy all day long. Billy had the idea of getting a pregnancy test. It wasn't quite time for a pregnancy test, so I wasn't that anxious or excited about it.

Long story short, I took the test, and we both laid their anxiously waiting on our hotel bed. 1 minute....2 minutes...3 minutes... do we look? Sure.

I wasn't particularly nervous or excited about it. I mean seriously, what were the chances of a getting pregnant on the first try?

Billy held the test in his hand and hid the indicator screen with his fist. We counted again... 1. 2..3...

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as we fly out of the bed screaming)
We looked at each other and I started crying pure tears of joy. Billy's eyes got all watery, and we just held each other and laughed/cried. It was an experience that I will absolutely never forget.

This, my friends, was the happiest day of my life.
 This was the taken right after we found out. Can't fake those smiles!! :)

I had just married the man of my dreams the night before. I just gained 2 beautiful, wonderful bonus kids. We were blissfully happy, as any newlywed should be, and we just found out that our love was creating a tiny little human being.

No way. This can't be true.

Well, let’s take some more tests....

Ladies and gentleman, I ended up taking FIVE PREGNANCY TESTS. And with each one, we grew more and more certain that yep.... there's a new Karnes on the way!!!
Yep... those are the quintuplets. We didn't realize that after a while, the "pregnant" would disappear, so a couple of them went bye-bye.... But TRUST ME. They ALLLLL said pregnant!

So, although I was only like 2 weeks pregnant, I immediately felt this sense of love rush over me, like I've never known before. I was in love with this tiny little ball of cells that was smaller than a pinhead.

I couldn't WAIT to tell the family!!!!! This was Sunday afternoon, and we weren't getting back until Tuesday. The suspense was going to kill me, I just knew it.

So where do you go when you first find out that you're pregnant???

DUH! BABIES 'R' US OF COURSE!!!! Every pregnant girl needs the "What to Expect When Expecting" book!

I called the doctor first thing the next morning. I went to our primary doctor and had a "pee" test done, and yep... the 6th and FINAL pregnancy test confirmed that there was a little bitty tiny itty witty baby growing inside this tiny little girl.

Well, Billy and I thought and thought on how we were going to tell the kids! Of course, they were the first people we were going to tell. So on the way home, Billy and I thought about making "birthday invitations" and having them sit in the mailbox when they got home. One for each of them.... The birthday invitations went a little something like:

You are invited to the birthday of:
Kyli or Cooper Karnes
DOB: January 2011
Please bring: Lots of love, hugs, smiles, and kisses.

First question out of my bonus son, Greg's, mouth... "Who are Kyli and Cooper"? We had always discussed those names, and so "Cooper" and "Kyli" were definitely names they had heard before... he just wasn't putting 2 and 2 together. 

And then Miss Chelsi, my bonus daughter, screamed! 


I think they were a little bit of shocked, excited, nervous, and confused all at the same time. Who can blame them??? We had said we were going to start trying as soon as we got married, but never did anyone think that we could make it happen THAT FAST!

And thus....Mommyhood begins.... 

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