Holding my baby girl

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letter to our KYLI

August 4th, 2010

Dear KYLI ,

Welllll, now we know who you are!!! Your daddy and I went to a regular doctor’s appointment this past Monday morning, August 2nd, and got to hear your heart beating. We called the sonogram place where we were scheduled to have our “Gender sonogram” with you, and asked if we could come in that DAY instead of wait 3 more days… (we just couldn’t wait any longer). So finally, we got to go at 1pm. It was awesome because both your dad and I, and your brother and sister (and one of Chelsi’s friends, Cassidy) got to go watch live pictures and movies of you in my tummy.

The moment the woman told me that you were a girl, I bawled like a baby! She asked me “were you wanting a boy??” and I said “no, it didn’t matter, I’m just so happy to know who SHE is”  It was an extremely emotional time for me. From that moment on, I was hooked on all things “little girl”! Greg, Chelsi, and I went shopping immediately after that. Your daddy had to work, so he wasn’t able to come. We bought you lots of cute little outfits.

The next night, August 3rd, my side of the family came over to the house, and your daddy (he’s so creative) put together a little presentation on the computer for everyone to figure out who you were. I will show that to you someday whenever you’re a little bit older. You will think it’s so cool! Everyone thought I was having a girl anyway, which is funny cause I only knew that your Papaw thought you were a girl…. I had no idea that everyone else thought the same thing. I couldn’t be happier!!! We called your Ma and Pa in Goldthwaite, and let them watch the video too… they were sooooo excited and thrilled that they finally knew who you were.

You’ve got so many people that already love you so much. You’re one lucky girl!

I can’t wait to hold you. And I can’t wait to take you to get your little toes done, and your nails done, and dress you up in the cutest little outfits.

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!!!!

I love you endlessly,

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