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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Month 1

First Month picture. Thinner and tanner :) Still have that "wedding glow".

The first month of pregnancy was very exciting! Lots of great news to tell everyone!!!

I remember RIGHT BEFORE my wedding, my boss announced that she was pregnant. She then proceeded to joke around with me and tell me "now Christy, I know yall are gonna start trying soon after you get married, but maybe give it a couple months... that way we don't abandon our department and both be on maternity leave at the same time".

Oops. My bad.

I announced that I was pregnant that Thursday after the wedding, the day that I came back to work. I couldn't help it!! I was just so darn excited!

My boss was getting sick a lot. I felt SOOO bad for her. We knew something was up before she even told us she was pregnant. Women just sort of KNOW these things sometimes...

I can count my lucky stars that I never really got sick... I just had to keep food with me at all times so that I could make sure that I had something on my stomach.

If I didn't have food... then momma wasn't happy. Well, momma wasn’t happy cause momma was nauseous.

I always packed snacks and needed food. I'm not talking like burgers and brownies and cakes and pies.

I'm talking like granola bars, crackers, fruit, dry cereal... SOMETHING. I wasn't able to eat real rich foods. I only got sick about 2 times I believe. One of those times was simply because I was brushing my teeth... what.the.heck!

I wasn't able to drink coffee all of a sudden. These were not doctor's orders, these were "oh my gosh... the smell of that nasty coffee might make me upchuck".

I ate pizza one night, and at about 3am the next morning, my stomach decided that was a bad idea, and didn't want any part of that pizza ever again. Ewwwww. And you're talkin to a girl that LOVES her some pizza!

It is strange how certain foods you LOVED, are now foods you can't stand the thought of eating. But atleast it was "bad" foods that I was no longer craving.

I was soon to find out that pregnancy changes EVERYTHING!

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